How to Childproof an Elliptical

The elliptical in your home gym is meant to keep you in shape, but exercise equipment poses a serious injury risk to your little one. Children can get hurt while playing on an elliptical machine while it is unattended or by getting too close when you're exercising. The potential injuries range from a minor finger pinch to entrapment or a head injury from the moving parts. By childproofing your elliptical trainer, you can stay in shape and avoid a trip to the ER with an injured child.

Talk to your child about the dangers of the exercise equipment 1. Your tot may not fully understand the dangers, but talk to him about the injuries he could get if he goes near the elliptical.

Close the door to the room where the elliptical is stored when it's not in use. Put a childproof doorknob cover on the handle or lock the door so your little one can't get in.

Secure any dangling wires or cords against the machine to reduce the risk of entrapment or strangulation. Test out the machine after you secure the wires to ensure it still works correctly.

Position your elliptical machine so you can see the entrance into the room. This allows you to see your child if he enters the room while you exercise.

Place a baby gate on the door into the room, or set up a child fence around the elliptical trainer while you exercise. This keeps your child away from the moving parts.

Unplug the machine if your elliptical is an electric model that plugs into the wall. This cuts the power to the machine if your child climbs on it when you're not around. Secure the cord against the machine so it doesn't become a tripping or strangulation hazard.

Insert the safety pin for the pedals after every use if your elliptical trainer has this safety feature. This prevents the pedals from turning if your tot tries to take the elliptical for a spin without your knowledge.


Exercise with caution if your child is in the home, even if you don't think he is in the room. If he sneaks into the room while you're focused on your elliptical workout, he could get in the way of the moving parts.

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