How to Install a Cosco Scenera Car Seat

A Cosco Scenera car seat is a convertible car seat 1. This means that it can be installed rear-facing for babies under a year old and under 35 pounds, and then can be moved to be forward-facing until the toddler reaches 40 pounds. There are differences in installation depending on the way that it will be facing as well as the car that it will be installed in.

Rear Facing Installation

Recline the car seat completely by pulling down on the recline stand and rotating it up into the car seat. The recline stand is on the bottom of the car seat on the back. Make sure that when you have the car seat placed, the line that shows if the seat is level is indicating that it is even.

Thread the lap/shoulder belt into the open area in the back of the car seat. This area is called the belt slot. Buckle the belt in once it reaches the other side.

Push down firmly on the car seat. Kneeling in the car seat while you pull the seat belt taut ensures that the seat is as tightly secured as possible.

Install the Latch system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) if the car comes equipped with it. The Latch system threads through the Scenera instead of the lap shoulder belt. Once threaded, attach to the metal Latch anchor that is installed in the seat of the car. Do not use both Latch and the lap and shoulder belts.

Forward Facing Installation

Place vehicle forward facing in either reclining mode or upright. For upright mode, rotate the recline stand that is on the bottom of the back and push up to lock. To recline, pull down and rotate the handle into the car seat.

Place the car seat so that the back of the seat is up against the back of the seat of the car.

Thread the lap/shoulder belt through the belt hole that is located behind the padding of the carseat. Buckle on the other side.

Kneel in the car seat with one knee while tightening the belt.

Attach the Latch hooks to the anchors in your car on either side. If your car does not have a Latch system, buckle the Latch hooks into the side of the carseat to have it out of the way.