How to Install a Rear Facing Eddie Bauer Convertible Car Seat

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 85 percent of car seats are improperly installed 1. The Eddie Bauer convertible car seat has three optional positions including rear facing. Choose this position for infants weighing 5 to 35 pounds and who are 19 to 36 inches in height.

Place the car seat in the middle back seat of the car. Fold the recline stand under the seat. Line the rear facing end of the car seat up evenly with the vehicle's seat.

Attach and tighten your vehicle's belt to the car seat. Thread the seat belt through the rear facing slot. Thread the seat belt under the seat pad in front of the buckle strap and run it out the opposite side. Buckle your vehicle's belt. Press down firmly on the convertible car seat and pull up on the belt to tighten. Remove all slack. If using a shoulder/lap belt combination, pull on the shoulder belt portion to remove all slack and attach the locking clip as close to the belt buckle as possible.

Check the car seat for looseness. Move the car seat front to back and side to side. If there is more than an inch of play in either direction, tighten the vehicle's belt until the car seat no longer moves more than an inch in either direction.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the latch system is superior to using your vehicle's belts. The latch system is a series of hooks, latches and straps used to secure the car seat to the vehicle. Check your vehicle's owners manual to find out if your vehicle has the latch system and refer to the car seat's instruction manual for installation using the latch system.

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