How to Turn on a Furby

Furby is a battery-operated pet substitute. Although he's a toy, Furby is capable of speaking and even "learning." Furby does not have a traditional "On" or "Off" button. When he's off, it means he's sleeping. It could also mean that Furby's batteries are dead, or that perhaps he's sick and has an internal problem. There are several ways to turn Furby on, depending on which type of sleep he's in. There are also other ways you can fix Furby's intermittent problems if he does not turn on.

Pick Furby up and gently rock him back and forth. If he is in light-sleep mode, he should wake up immediately. You can also try gently rubbing his belly.

Turn Furby completely upside down if rocking and rubbing him does not turn him on or wake him up. He may be in deep-sleep mode; turning him fully upside down should awaken him.

Remove the screw from Furby's bottom cover. Lift the cover and remove the batteries. Replace them with two new AA batteries. If Furby's batteries are dead, he will not wake up or turn on.

Press the "Reset" button located on the bottom of Furby if turning him upside down does not work. This will not cause Furby to forget everything he's learned, but it may fix intermittent problems.

Hard [reset Furby]( if all else fails. Hard resetting Furby will cause him to forget everything he's learned; you'll have to start all over again, as if he was brand new. To hard reset Furby, turn him upside down and insert your finger into is mouth, lightly depressing his tongue. While holding your finger in this position, press the "Reset" button on Furby's bottom.

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