Heritage 3-in-1 Crib Specifications

The Victory Land Group and Dorel Asia offered the 3-in-1 crib as part of its Heritage line of nursery furniture from 2007 to late 2010. The manufacturer ceased production of the Heritage line of cribs in late 2010 due to a safety recall. Owners may still use the cribs after manufacturer repair, however. Repaired models of the Heritage crib feature the same specifications as the models that originally hit store shelves.


Any parents considering Victory Land and Dorel Asia's 3-in-1 Heritage crib should be aware that the product has undergone a recall due to safety issues. In October 2010, the Victory Land Group recalled roughly 34,000 Heritage Collection 3-in-1 cribs with model numbers 07-1248 and 07-1252 1. Seventeen parents reported incidents of the crib's drop-side rail detaching from the unit, leading to bruises and abrasions. The company offers free repair kits, available via online registration or by calling the company, to remedy the problem.

Features and Specifications

The Heritage Collection 3-in-1 crib features three sides made of vertical bars, much like many traditional cribs, and one side with a curved top that resembles a small headboard 1. A drop-down front gate allows access to the mattress. This crib converts from a full-size crib to a daybed or a twin-size bed, hence its “3-in-1” moniker. The Heritage 3-in-1 crib uses a full-size crib mattress and features solid wood back panel construction. This product requires some assembly.


The Victory Land Group's Heritage Collection 3-in-1 crib comes in two finish options 1. The natural model, model number 07-1248, sports a light tan wood finish, while the white model, model number 07-1252, features a painted white finish. The cribs are otherwise identical. Installation of the drop-side repair kit does not alter the specifications of the Heritage crib. This crib accents other pieces of the Heritage furniture collection, including changing tables and dressers, which also come in numerous finish options 1.

Pricing and Availability

The Heritage Collection 3-in-1 crib is no longer sold as of 2011 due to the safety recall of 2010 1. At the time of its release in February 2007, K-Mart and Sears stores sold this crib for about $130. The Victory Land Group offers the drop-side door repair kit free of charge. As of 2011, Dorel Asia carries on with a line of similar crib, known as the Signature Collection, which retails for about $350.