Ultimate Bumblebee Transformer Instructions

Bumblebee is a popular character from "Transformers the Movie" that transforms into a sleek yellow Camaro. The foot-tall Ultimate Bumblebee action figure talks, plays music, moves, and fires a rocket from its arm 1. Unlike the large Transformers Animated Bumblebee action figure, which talks, makes explosion sounds, and lights up, Ultimate Bumblebee actually transforms 1. Because it's larger and has more moveable parts than the smaller action figures, the transformation is a little harder to perform.


Pull the wings out of Bumblebee's upper back and let them hang freely by the plastic cables.

Snap both arms off at the shoulders and let them hang freely.

Press in the toe-ends of the feet and rotate the wheels so they're on the outside of the legs.

Flip up the wheels so they're positioned near the calf area on both legs.

Flip the tail light panels down over the back of the legs and snap the rear windows down on top of the tail light panels.

Press the buttons on both sides of the knee-joints and push the lower legs upward over the thigh.

Rotate the yellow shields that cover the front of the thighs down and spread them toward the outside of the legs.

Pull down the legs at the hip joints and press them inward so the thighs come together.

Curl Bumblebee's right hand into the inner forearm and rotate each forearm so the yellow shields face forward.

Press the arms inward so they're firmly against his sides.

Fold the extended yellow thigh shields over the wheels to complete the rear end of the car.

Rotate the wheels on Bumblebee's shoulders outward and snap them into the arm sockets.

Rotate the yellow shields on Bumblebee's upper arms upward to form part of the front wheel wells.

Push the roof on Bumblebee's back toward the legs so it connects with the rear window.

Slide the hood toward the head until it snaps into place.

Lock the side panels into the notches on both edges of the hood.

Insert the connectors protruding from the wings inside the side panels and press the wings against the car to make the doors. The tabs on the inside of the doors must fit into the notches on the rear wheel wells.

Flip Bumblebee's chest upward and snap the headlights against the middle section of the grill.

Flip the chest over the head and snap the top of it against the hood.

Sounds, Movements, and Lights

Insert the rocket, narrow-side-in, into Bumblebee's cannon until it locks into place.

Turn the power switch on Bumblebee's right side to the "ON" position.

Press the button on Bumblebee's left side to make him move. His eyes will light up, the cannon will raise, and he will fire the rocket. Bumblebee will make battle sounds as he fires the rocket.

Press the Autobot symbol on Bumblebee's chest (it's on the hood in Camaro mode) to make the toy talk or press and hold the symbol to play songs.

Replacing Bumblebee's Batteries

Turn the power switch on Bumblebee's right side to the "OFF" position.

Remove the wings and let them hang.

Lift Bumblebee's back (the roof and hood of the Camaro) to expose the battery compartment cover.

Extract the screw on the cover and slide off the cover.

Remove the four AA batteries inside the compartment and insert four new AA batteries.

Replace the battery compartment cover and the screw that secures it.

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