How to Fingerprint Your Baby

Your baby's fingerprints can make a unique craft project or mark her growth over time. The fingerprints develop in the womb, but as your baby grows, they expand with the growth of her fingers. Though she may be wiggly, getting a good fingerprint is possible with a little patience.

Clean your baby's hands. Any debris will create an inaccurate fingerprint, so it's smart to start with clean hands. Use a washcloth or wet wipe to wash his hands, then dry completely. Unless your child was just playing in the mud, this doesn't need to be a very thorough cleaning.

Press her finger into the ink. Although the ink won't be on her fingers very long, it's best to use a baby-safe ink. These are free of harsh chemicals and won't pose a problem if she sticks her fingers into her mouth when you aren't looking.

Roll his finger from side-to-side on the paper or other surface. The idea is to get the full fingerprint without squishing it together. The grooves in a baby's fingerprint aren't very deep yet, so it can be difficult to get the details. Press as lightly as possible.

Clean ink residue from her fingers. The ink should easily wash off. Though the ink should be baby-safe, you don't want her to put it in her mouth or put her fingerprints on other objects.

Allow the ink to dry without touching it. Touching can smear the ink, ruining the print 1. Once it's dry, you can evaluate your success.

Repeat the process if your print didn't come out perfectly or if you need multiple prints.


If you're doing a craft project that requires multiple prints, you do not need to wash baby's hand in between each print. However, you'll likely want to dip his finger into the ink each time so that the prints don't get lighter.


This method is most appropriate for craft projects or memory boxes. If you're looking for something more official to help identify your child in the rare case of an abduction, contact your local police department. According to KidsHealth, they will often have special fingerprinting kits for kids.

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