Flowers & Gifts for Pregnancy

If someone close to you just discovered she is pregnant, mark this special occasion with a gift or flowers. The baby shower is months away, so to express your congratulations now, consider gifts that will help the expectant mom get through morning sickness or that will simply brighten her day and let her know how much she and the new baby mean to you.


A journal makes a nice gift for a new mom-to-be. Just about any card store carries journals, and you may even find one themed specifically for pregnancy. Encourage her to write in her journal about her pregnancy by starting her off with a small note at the front of the book or by including a quote on motherhood.

Best Flowers to Send

Sending a bouquet of flowers can express your happiness for her over her little bundle of joy. According to chemist Alice White Green, there are certain flowers that can give a pregnant woman headaches or make her feel ill. You'll want to avoid hydrangea, lily and evening primrose 1. However, flowers that are suitable are carnations, aloe plants and cacti.

Plant a Tree

Offer to plant a sapling in the pregnant woman's yard. The new tree symbolizes the growth of a new child. As the baby is born and grows toward adulthood, the tree will get bigger as well. The tree will serve as a long-term reminder of your thoughtfulness.


As mom's belly bump gets bigger, she may have trouble painting her toes and giving herself pedicures. Purchase a gift certificate to a local nail salon for her to get a pedicure. Make sure the location gives a foot massage as part of the pedicure. This can be especially comforting to a pregnant woman with swollen feet. Find a salon that is familiar with massaging the feet of expectant women, as some pressure points can cause a woman to go into labor if not massaged properly.


Buy the first piece in a collection to mark the life of the child. Precious Moments and Willow Tree both have statuettes to mark pregnancy, birth and first birthday. This is a gift that can open up the door to future gifts, so you never have to worry about a gift idea for the family again. You simply add to the collection for each momentous occasion.