How to Fix Battery Powered Ride Toys

How to Fix Battery Powered Ride Toys. Battery powered ride toys are available for children approximately 3 to 10 years old, but these toys can be dangerous for children when a malfunction occurs. Parents must supervise and periodically check these battery powered toys to be sure their children are safe.

Identify problems by monitoring and supervising your child's use of any battery operated riding toy. If you suspect any problems with the toy, immediately discontinue use and put the toy away so your child does not have access to the battery operated ride on toy. Common problems include the overheating of batteries or other parts which can burn your child.

Write down the product name and model number for the faulty parts to be better equipped to research the problem.

Research if the identified problem is associated with any recalls or if others have experienced similar problems on consumer affairs or government websites such as CPSC. Find contact information for the manufacturer and if there is a recall or replacement suppliers along with instructions for broken parts.

Request or order replacement parts and instructions to fix the problem with the battery powered ride on toy. If it can not be repaired, dispose of it instead of trying to create a workaround that may cause injury to your child. Check eBay for suppliers that may sell cheaper replacement parts than the manufacturer.

Add your experience to consumer affairs websites or blogs to help others who may encounter similar problems.


Listen to your child if they tell you their toy is broken, not working or hurt them.