Troubleshooting for Power Wheels

Fisher Price’s Power Wheels is a brand of battery-operated ride-on children’s vehicles 1. Fisher Price has sold more than 10 million of them as of 2010, and many models are available, including authentic looking Jeeps, Ford pickup trucks and all-terrain vehicles. Problems with the Power Wheels vehicles can include them not running, suddenly stopping and experiencing short run times.

Charge the battery if the Power Wheels vehicle doesn’t run or if you experience short run times. New batteries need to be charged for at least 18 hours before using the vehicle. Recharge the battery after each use for 14 hours. Don’t leave the Power Wheels on the charger for longer than 30 hours.

Remove the child’s foot from the pedal and wait 25 seconds if the vehicle stops suddenly. The thermal fuse has probably tripped. You can avoid repeated tripping by telling the child to not overload the Power Wheels, not to tow and to not drive into things. Avoiding hills can also help — keep to gentle inclines.

Stop the vehicle before switching from “Forward” to “Reverse” and back again if the fuse continues to trip. This may be part of an education process that you need to introduce if problems persist.

Press the “Reset” button on the front of the FM radio if the Power Wheels has one and the radio isn’t functioning correctly. Use a pen. The radio power is supplied by four C batteries. Replace them if the radio fails and the vehicle still functions.

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