Cute Ways to Tell Others Whether Its a Boy or Girl

One of the biggest surprises in life is finding out the gender of your baby, but it is equally fun to share the news with your loved ones. Don’t just send an email or text saying “It’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” Share the news in a more creative and cute way. From hiding the message, to serving pink or blue food to match the gender of your baby, there are plenty of ideas of ways to share the big news.


Plan a party at your home for the announcement and serve food that will tell the gender of your baby. Make a cake and decorate it blue for a boy or pink for a girl. For a more surprising announcement, bake the cake with blue or pink food coloring and keep the frosting white. Everyone will know the gender when you cut the cake. Or, bake cupcakes with blue or pink food coloring. You can also use food coloring for other foods, such as bread, cookies or even for drinks.


Making games for your loved ones to find out the gender is a fun way to reveal the news. Send cards using the letters of the words BOY or GIRL to start each sentence and tell the guests to find the secret message. Another idea is to have your loved ones go on a treasure hunt. Use clues that have to do with pregnancy and babies.

Ultrasound Pictures

Tell your loved ones the gender of your baby using your ultrasound pictures so they can also see your baby. Make cards with a picture of the ultrasound and send it to loved ones. Bake a cake with a picture of the ultrasound printed on it or make a big banner with the ultrasound pictures. If you have a DVD of the ultrasound, make a movie night and invite your family. You can also choose an ultrasound picture that doesn’t clearly show the gender of your baby and have your loved ones guess what the gender of the baby is.


Spread the news of the gender of your baby with shirts that proclaim whether it’s a boy or girl. If you have kids already, have them wear shirts that say “I have a little brother” or “I have a little sister.” Another idea is to make shirts that say “Tea parties in my future” or “Football games in my future.” For a more subtle way to tell them, wear pink or blue shirts every day for a week or until your loved ones figure out the secret message.