Cute Ideas to Tell Family Members You're Pregnant

If you just found out that you're pregnant and you want to announce the impending birth with more than just a simple conversation, use some creativity to make your announcement one that family members will never forget. A little planning and a sense of humor can help you surprise even the closest of relatives!

Take a Picture

Instead of saying that you're pregnant, let a picture speak for itself 1. Take a picture of the pregnancy test and send it to relatives 2. Digital pregnancy tests may make the news even clearer by displaying the word "pregnant." Another option is to send a picture of the sonogram.

Get a T-Shirt

T-shirts are available in nearly every color, size and theme. They can feature a cute saying to tip off relatives or you can personalize t-shirts to have the saying of your choosing. Give a t-shirt to a formerly only child with the words "big sister" or "big brother." Send family members t-shirts in the mail with similar slogans, such as "Best Granddad in the World" or "Favorite Auntie." Another option is to give your partner a t-shirt to indicate your pregnancy, such as one that says "I have a bun in her oven" that points to you.

Send Flowers

While you may be expecting some flowers from relatives when they finally figure out you're pregnant, get the ball rolling by giving them flowers instead. If you find out the gender of the baby, you can use blue or pink flowers to tip the hat. Add a pacifier to the bouquet or a rubber ducky. Put flowers in a baby bottle instead of a vase to make the message clear. A simple "Congratulations Grandma" bouquet can do the trick for the closest relatives.

Food Clues

Let food do the talking for you during the next family gathering. Place a bun in the oven and ask a relative to check on what is in it. Have a baby-themed dinner complete with baby back ribs, baby carrots and baby corn. Bake a cake in a child's theme. Have Chinese food and then hand everyone a customized fortune cookie that has a message about the impending birth.

Paper and Stationery

Use paper or stationery to make formal announcements to relatives. For example, send them printed "save the date" invitations that inform them of the due date of your child. You can insert a picture of your pregnant tummy if relatives haven't seen you for awhile or of the sonogram. For close relatives, consider contacting the local paper boy that delivers their newspaper and inserting a flier regarding your due date in with their daily paper. Tape your head over the picture of a pregnant celebrity on a magazine or have a custom cover page made up and wait for relatives to pick it up from your coffee table.

Future Baby Gift

Give a gift that can later be given back to your child. For example, send a baby book to family members with a special request for them to read it to the new arrival. Make teddy bears with clothes that match the gender of the baby that can later be used in the baby's nursery.

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