How to Charge a Sharper Image Electric X2

Designed as a motorized moped, the Sharper Image Electric X2 is a lightweight and portable scooter with a fold-down steering column 14. The unit includes a variable speed control with an "On/Off" switch to save battery charge while coasting downhill. The rechargeable battery is nickel metal hydride, also known as NiMH, which uses hydrogen as the active element 2. This means the battery holds a larger charge than other comparable batteries, but also discharges faster. The unit comes with a battery charger that charges the scooter for up to 45 minutes.

Purchase a new charger if you misplaced the original. Online stores sell battery pack chargers designed specifically for NiMH batteries, based upon plug type, voltage and amperage. Make sure the charger is 24-volt, and choose a lower amperage rating to prolong the longevity of the scooter's battery pack.

Buy an adapter if you already have a new charger and the female end does not fit the Electric X2 scooter 1. Also called connectors, these come in different types, including coaxial, two-prong, three-pin XLR and two-port inline. The XLR and inline are the most common types of adaptors for electric scooters.

Plug the battery charger into the scooter, and then plug the pronged end into a standard AC outlet. Wait for two-and-a-half hours or until fully charged. Do not overcharge.

Unplug the charger from wall outlet, then unplug the female end from scooter. The scooter should keep the charge for about 40 minutes, depending on weight of the rider, terrain, speed and prior battery discharge.

Buy a new battery if the battery will not hold a charge. Overcharging and over-discharging will damage the cells and shorten the shelf life of the battery 3. Online stores sell NiMH batteries made exclusively for motorized scooters.


When buying a new battery charger, choose one with a timer or LED indicator to avoid overcharging. If your scooter is in storage, charge it once every three months to avoid damage to the battery.


Do not take apart the charger or change the connectors, as this may result in electrical shorts or fires.

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