How to Change Batteries in a Boppy Swing

While children’s toys and baby equipment may seem simple at first, many parents find that assembling and maintaining such items can be quite a project. Changing the batteries in a Boppy swing isn't difficult once you know where the batteries are stored and how to remove the cover 1.

Cup your left hand under the battery holder, which is under the control module on the side of the swing 1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw on the front of the battery cover, turning the screw at least three full turns to the left.

Grasp the left end of the battery holder. Gently pull down on the holder until it detaches from the swing’s control mechanism 1.

Remove the old batteries and place four new size C batteries in the battery casing. The casing is marked to show which end of the battery should face upward.

Insert the right end of the battery holder into the hole underneath the control module on the swing 1. Push the left end up until the holder clicks into place. Hold the battery cover securely with your left hand so that it does not slide out.

Re-tighten the screw on the front of the control mechanism until the battery holder is secure.


Do not mix old and new batteries in your Boppy swing. Always use batteries of the same type. Do not mix rechargeable, alkaline and standard batteries.

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