How to Bind Dx7

The Spektrum DX7 is a spectrum radio system for RC aircraft 1. It has the DSM2 technology, which allows large gas and glow powered aircraft to take advantage of the Spektrum technology. The DX7 receiver must be bound to the transmitter before it will work. Binding teaches the receiver the specific code of the transmitter, so it can connect to that specific transmitter. Once it is bound, it will only connect to that transmitter.

Disconnect the switch harness from the RX battery port. Insert the male blind plug that came with your DX7 into the battery port of the RX.

Plug the battery into any unused channel on the RX. If you do not have an unused channel on the RX, temporarily unplug the servo so you can plug the battery into the slot. You do not need to have the servo plugged in to bind.

Turn on the receiver switch. The LED’s on both receivers should flash. This indicates that the receiver is ready to bind.

Set the throttle stick to Low. Set all of the other sticks to Neutral on the TX.

Press the bind button on the back of the transmitter first and then turn the transmitter on. The bind button has to be pressed in when you turn the transmitter on to put it into bind mode. Allow it to bind. This process will take a few minutes to complete. When it is finished, both LEDs in the main and satellite RXs will be solid.

Turn the RX off and remove the bind plug. Plug the battery back into the battery port. If you disconnected a servo, plug it back into the slot you removed it from.

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