Baby Birth Newspaper Announcement Ideas

By Zora Hughes
Proudly announce your breaking news when your baby arrives.
Proudly announce your breaking news when your baby arrives.

Your newborn baby's arrival is the biggest news in your life and you want to share it with the world. Traditionally, parents put birth announcements in the local newspaper. However, you can also get creative and create cute newspaper-style birth announcements to send to family and friends.

Traditional Newspaper Birth Annoucement

To announce your baby's birth in a local newspaper, you will need to call or email the newspaper. The rest of the procedure will really depend on where you live and what newspaper you want to put it in. Small town newspapers might be easier to get a hold of than larger city newspapers. Some have email addresses dedicated to announcements in the society pages, where items such as birth announcements usually go. Depending on the newspaper, you might have to pay a fee to put the announcement in the paper.

Personal Newspaper Theme

Design your birth announcement card to look like the front page of a newspaper. Using a photo editing software or online photo website, you can paste your baby's picture inside of a newspaper template. Write a cute headline that says something along the lines of "Most Beautiful Baby Arrives In Glendale!" or "Taylor Jackson Makes His Debut!" Include birth date, time, height and weight statistics. If you can't make it on your own, photo centers and photocopy stores usually can help you make a professional-looking birth announcement.


Consider making a small newsletter to share with family and friends about your new arrival. The front page should have a headline, the picture of the baby and the basic stats. Inside the newsletter, one side could be a "report" about the birth. You don't need to go into full detail, but you can write about when you knew it was time to go the hospital, how long your labor was and how you felt when you first saw your child. The other side of the newsletter could be you and your spouse interviewing each other about how you feel to be a parent and what your future plans are for the baby. The back side could be personal thank-you's to individual family and friends, made to look like newspaper ads.

Delivery Ideas

If you choose to make personal newspaper-style birth announcements or a newsletter, get a family friend to act as a newspaper boy and deliver them to friends and family that live close by, either delivering them in-person or dropping them off at the front door. Put them in protective plastic bags to avoid the announcements getting ruined by the weather. For family and friends that live far away, you could put the announcement or newsletter in a box and wrap it with newspaper for mailing. Write something along the lines of "New Edition!" and "Breaking News!" on the newspaper wrapping.

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