Furby Toys

What Are the Words & Phrases Programmed in My Furby?

Furby as Entertainment

Furby can tell stories, jokes and entertain in other ways. Always begin by clearly saying, "Hey, Furby." The Furby will respond verbally, saying "What?" or another word in Furbish.

You can then command Furby with, "Tell me a story," "Tell me a joke," "Sing me a song," "Show me a dance" or "Do you want to play?" Furby will instruct you on what it wants you to do to help with these activities.

Furby's Needs

Once again, greet Furby with "Hey Furby." When Furby responds, ask "Are you hungry?" Furby should respond in English with "yes," or in Furbish with "kah-ay-tay." If Furby is not hungry, it will tell you so. Open Furby's mouth and insert its spoon to feed it.

You can also tell or ask Furby, "How are you?" or "I love you" or "Go to sleep."

Speaking Furbish

Begin by saying, "Hey Furby." After Furby responds, say "I speak Furbish." You can then say a command in Furbish. Say "wee-tah-kah-loo-loo" to get Furby to tell a joke, or "wee-tah-kah-wee-loo" to get Furby to tell a story. "Wah-tee-kah-wah-tee" will make Furby sing, and "Oo-nye-loo-lay-doo" will make him play games. Other translations are in the guide included with your Furby.

How to Get a Furby to Talk More

Play and interact with your Furby as much as possible. Furbys can only say what they are programmed to say; they begin speaking 80 per cent Furbish and 20 per cent English. After 20 hours of play, the Furby will speak 80 per cent English and 20 per cent Furbish. The Furby will remain in this language mode unless it is reset. Then you would have to engage the device all over again.

Talk to your Furby and pet its back twice when it answers in a way you approve of. Petting the Furby twice on the back shows it that it gave a good response, and it will use the response again in the future. The more you speak to it, the more it interacts and the more positive feedback you give it, the less Furbish language it will retain.

Make a loud noise in front of your Furby, and this will cause it to hum "Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star." You can either make a noise with your voice or clap your hands together to get the Furby to respond. If this is a good response for you, be sure to pet it twice on the back so it will repeat the action.

Move the Furby around, without blocking its sensors with your hands, and it will make different sounds. The Furby has five sensors on it: one on the crest that is a light sensor, one touch sensor on its stomach, an inside sensor to let it know if it has been picked up or held upside down, a touch sensor in the back and a sound sensor in the right ear to hear you with. Be sure not to touch these when you pick the Furby up. If you pick it up and propel it back and forth, it will gasp and yell, "Whee!" If you turn it upside down it will hiccup.

Allow your Furby to talk to another Furby. If a friend, someone you know or you yourself have an extra Furby, you can get them to talk to one another. You can do this by placing the Furbys within four feet of one another and making sure the Furbys are facing one another. Then rub the Furbys on their back or belly. Wait for the Furbys to start a "conversation." If this doesn't work the first time, simply try it again. Furbys can also talk to more than one other Furby at a time and have group "talking" sessions.


Be sure to positively reinforce proper behaviour with your Furby by rubbing its back twice.


Don't block any of the sensors on your Furby. Don't get your Furby wet. Do not try to "hack" your Furby's motherboard.

How to Reprogram a Furby

Turn Furby upside down. Leave the batteries inside.

Hold down the mouth button. Use a pen or other small device to press the tiny reset button that is near the battery case (on the bottom of Furby near his tail). Press the "reset" button with the mouth button held down.

Rub Furby's belly three times and wait for him to stop moving and talking. Pet his back and he will say his new name.


For more information, read the Furby instruction manual. It is available online at hasbro.com.


Furbies are known to break easily (or have interior mechanical parts melt). If any odd smells come from it take the batteries out and stop playing with it immediately. "Adopt a Furby" warns against Furby hacking because "you might seriously injure your Furby, and he or she will never be well again."

Emoto-Tronic Furby Instructions

Remove any background noise so the Emoto-Tronic Furby can hear you. Sit 12 to 18 inches away from it.

Slide the power switch to "On." To access the power switch, lift up the fur on the back of the toy. The switch is right below the battery bay.

Play with the Emoto-Tronic Furby. The Furby will tell knock-knock jokes, stories, dance and sing songs. To starting playing with it, first shout, "Hey Furby!" Wait until it responds with: "Doo," "Yeah," "Huh," "What" or "Hmm." Afterward, speak one of the following commands: "Tell me a joke," "Tell me a story," "Show me a dance," "I love you" or "Sing me a song." The Furby will respond; however, if you ask it to tell a joke, it will begin with "Knock-Knock." You must then respond with "Who's there?"

Touch the Furby. The Furby's built-in sensors recognise when you tickle it on its tummy, pet it on its back or cuddle with it. Avoid holding the Furby upside down.

Speak to the Furby in its native tongue of Furbish. Begin by getting the Furby's attention, "Hey Furby!" When the Furby responds, tell it, "I speak Furbish." Afterward, you can speak to the Furby in its native tongue. For example, "fun" in Furbish is "doo-aye," and "friend" is "noo-lah." For more Furbish words, see the manual provided in References.