How to Announce an Unplanned Pregnancy

Even if your pregnancy was unplanned, it is inevitable that you'll eventually have to share your news with the world. Whether you decide to shout it from the rooftops on your favorite social media website or choose a more subtle approach, it's important to include your family and close friends in the occasion. The announcement of your first baby -- or even your fourth -- deserves a celebration.

Evaluate and deal fully with your emotions before planning a pregnancy announcement. Admit your honest feelings about being pregnant -- whether you are scared, excited, confused or overwhelmed. Write your thoughts down in a journal to help you process them better. Allow yourself the freedom to express a new emotion every day. Once you've come to terms with the pregnancy, you can start thinking about how to tell other people 2.

Tell your partner (if you have one) that you are pregnant so he also has time to prepare emotionally and start making plans. Choose a meaningful way to break the news that shows you put some thought into the announcement. Bake a special cake with pink and blue frosting, give him a pair of baby booties featuring his favorite team logo or buy him a gift with the word “daddy” on it.

Wait until you are ready to share your big news with the rest of the world. Hold off until you have a prenatal appointment, wait until after the first trimester is over or simply choose a moment that feels right to you. If you choose, you can delay your announcement until your belly is growing too big to hide the surprise.

Tell your closest friends and family members first when the time comes to reveal your pregnancy. Ask them to keep the pregnancy a secret if you are not ready for the whole world to know, or if you would like to tell people personally. Give strict orders to keep well-wishers from proclaiming congratulations on their social media pages until you give the green light.

Advise your boss and coworkers that you are pregnant once you make the announcement outside of work. Consider telling your boss early on in case you experience morning sickness or extreme fatigue during the first trimester.


Wait until you are showing -- or longer -- to tell young children that you are pregnant so it's not an interminable wait to meet the new baby.

Don't feel pressured to announce your pregnancy until you are ready.