Air Hogs Instructions

Air Hogs offers easy-to-fly helicopters that are ready-to-fly (RFT) straight out of the box. These fully functional helicopters require only a set of six AA batteries for the transmitter, which also doubles as the helicopter's charger. Learning how to properly use your Air Hogs helicopter will ensure that you get the most high-flying fun, while reducing any risk of injury or damage to yourself or the aircraft.

Unscrew the back of the transmitter and pop open the battery compartment. Insert the six required AA batteries, and then close the battery compartment, securing it closed with the screw.

Place the aircraft on a flat, wide-open space. Apply the throttle using the left joystick to elevate the helicopter to an altitude of about two to three yards.

Use the trim adjuster buttons located beneath the right joystick to correct any rotation of the aircraft. In other words, if your vehicle is spinning clockwise, press the left trim button until the helicopter begins to fly perfectly straight.

Use the left joystick to control the aircraft's altitude and the right joystick to control the direction of its flight path. Combine the two joysticks to navigate the helicopter in the air.

Land the aircraft by decreasing the throttle slightly until it begins to descend. As it approaches the ground, gently increase the throttle to reduce the impact of the landing. Move the throttle joystick all the way down to slow the rotor to a full stop, and then lift up your helicopter and turn it off.


Slide open the charger compartment on the transmitter. It is located in the center, directly underneath the power indicator light. Slide the compartment door down to access the charger wire inside.

Turn off your helicopter and transmitter, and then plug the charger wire into the connector, which is located underneath the helicopter's main frame. Align the arrows on both the helicopter body and the charger plug, and then insert the connector as far as it can go to establish a proper connection.

Turn the charger on and watch for the red indicator light to illuminate. This means that the transmitter is charging the aircraft. Wait about 20 minutes while the battery charges--the light will turn off when it reaches full capacity. Unplug the aircraft, turn it on and take it for another spin.

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