What Is an Appropriate Gift for a Teenager's Baptism?

Getting baptized into the Christian faith is a huge step for a teenager. When a teen makes the decision to accept or confirm her Christian beliefs by baptism, support her decision with a gift to celebrate the event and get her started on her journey to living a faithful, Christian life.

Bibles and Books

While a teen might receive a Bible from the pastor or priest who baptizes her, you can give her a teen-specific Bible that speaks plainly to teenagers. Teen Bibles help teens decode the often complicated language in the scriptures and also address issues that teens face every day, offering Christian ways to deal with them. A teen Bible is an excellent introduction to living a godly life that isn't intimidating or overwhelming. You can also give your teen other supportive Christian reading material that caters to teens, including books on how to pray or teen Christian fiction books.

Christian Music

Show a teen that Christian music isn't only about the same old hymns that the choir sings every Sunday. Christian musicians perform in every genre of music, including alternative, rock, soul and hip-hop. Do your research and ask other Christian teens about the most current Christian artists. Give the teen a few of their CDs or fill her personal music player with their songs. If the teen is already a fan of a particular Christian artist, surprise him with concert tickets for him and a friend if the artist is making a tour stop in your area.


Jewelry with Christian symbols is often a touching and personal gift to celebrate a baptism. A gold or silver necklace with a cross, or cross earrings, are good jewelry options. A dog tag with a cross on one side and a word of scripture on the other is another cool necklace option for teens. You can also get the teen a charm bracelet with charms on it that represent her personality, as well as a cross or Bible charm. Or, you might give the teen a silver or gold bracelet with a special scripture engraved on the outside and her name on the inside.

Accessories and Gear

A teen might really appreciate a personalized Bible carrying case with her name engraved on it, along with her favorite scripture. Another idea for the phone-obsessed teen is to give her a phone cover with a Christian saying or scripture on it. You can also give a teen Christian apparel to proudly acknowledge her faith. Many Christian stores, including online stores, offer a wide array of stylish T-shirts, sweatpants, hats and other gear that teens love, all with Christian words of faith and Bible verses.

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