How To Use Tekno the Robotic Puppy

Like any 8-week old puppy, TEKNO responds to care and attention. Unlike a real puppy, TEKNO relies on robotic sensors in his head, nose, mouth, ears, eyes and legs to decode commands, play with you and complete everyday puppy tasks. These sensors also help you keep him happy. Although this doesn't make TEKNO the same as a real puppy, he does have other advantages. He won't poop on your carpet or chew your shoes, and you can turn him off if you need a break. Learning how to use TEKNO is a matter of mastering a few controls; training him may take a little practice.

Getting Started With TEKNO

To get TEKNO ready to go, insert four AA batteries into the compartment in his stomach. Find the On/Off switch under his chin and press it. Despite his young age, TEKNO can already do some stuff. Position yourself in front of the puppy and clap or speak, and he'll walk to you. Put your hand in front of his eyes to tell him to stop. If you put his ball under his chin, he’ll play with it if he's in the mood. If he's hungry, give him his bone and he'll chew on it. He'll also sniff anything you put on his nose.

Chat With TEKNO or Watch Him Dance

TEKNO has two mode buttons on the top of his head: conversation and sing/dance. To chat with TEKNO, press the circle button. You'll hear a "ding" and see his ears go up. Say something and wait for him to bark or make puppy noises back at you. To make him dance to a song, press the musical note button. There are two songs programmed in -- press the button once for the first and twice for the second. Depending on the song you choose, you'll hear one or two "dings," clap your hands to tell TEKNO to dance. To quit these modes, pat him on the head or nose.

Use Gestures to Train TEKNO

You can use hand gestures to train TEKNO to sit and then do a backflip. Before you start, make sure that he is in gesture mode. If you've been playing with him, stop and wait a couple of minutes. When his eyes shine full, put your hand a few inches away from his eyes and hold it steady. He's in gesture mode when you hear a beep. To make him sit, move your hand down in front of his eyes. To make him do a backflip once he's sitting, move your hand back up over his eyes toward the top of his head.

Tips on Using TEKNO

To keep TEKNO happy, play with him regularly and feed him at least once a day. He'll look sad, whine and drop his ears if he's unhappy or hungry. If this happens, pat or rub his head or give him his bone. Sometimes, too much background noise can make TEKNO a little distracted -- pat him on the head to put his focus back on you. If you can't get into gesture mode using your hand, press down both mode buttons on the top of his head until you hear beeping. You may need to practice training gestures to get them right -- try to keep your hand flat and to move it up or down smoothly and steadily in front of the eye sensors.

Get Extra Features With the TEKNO App

If you want more options for your TEKNO, you can download a free iPad app from the iTunes store or an Android tablet version from Google Play. You can use the app to control the puppy, teach him new tricks, hook him up with virtual friends or set him as an alarm clock. To connect TEKNO to the app, press and hold down the circle conversation mode button on the top of his head until his eyes start flashing. Point your tablet at the puppy with the speaker facing toward him and open the app. Once the connection is made, you should be able to control TEKNO from your tablet.