How to Use a Mio Pup

The Hasbro Mio Pup is an interactive robotic toy dog 1. Its interactions are based on its needs and moods. Flashing icons located in its eyes let you know what the Mio Pup wants or feels. The Mio Pup has five sensors, two located on its head and one each on its back, mouth and chin. Your pup will talk to you in its pretend language when you talk to it. Talking to your Mio Pup, petting it and feeding it are all necessary to keep your Mio Pup "happy" and performing correctly.

Talk to your Mio Pup in a normal voice to improve its mood. The more you talk to your Pup, the more it will talk back to you.

Pet your Mio Pup on the head to calm it down when it is overexcited or angry. The pup will make soothing sounds when your do.

Tickle your Mio Pet under the chin to make it laugh. Be careful not to tickle too much or it will get too excited.

Give your Mio Pup the bone that came with it when there is a bone-shaped icon displayed in its eyes. Place the bone up to its mouth and hold it there while the Mio Pup "eats."

Walk your Mio Pup by tickling it under the chin four times in a row. Press the nose button to stop your pup from walking. If you repeatedly hit the nose, your Mio Pup will become angry.

Hold your pup's chin and tap its head at the same time to turn on the music option. The pup will play music periodically for you.

Put the Mio Pup in secure mode when you want to interact with it, but not allow it to move. Put your hand on its back sensor and press the nose button in twice. To release Mio Pup from secure mode, repeat the step.

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