Tickle Me Elmo Extreme Secrets

Like so many of the Sesame Street character toys, Tickle Me Elmo has been a hit with both children and adults since it was first released. The toy that laughs has proved to be truly entertaining for toddlers and grandparents, all at the same time. In 2006, when Fisher Price introduced the TMX or Tickle Me Elmo Extreme in time for Elmo's tenth birthday, the public could not wait to buy a new and improved Elmo whose giggles are triggered in secret and intriguing ways 2.

Just Tickle Elmo

The original Elmo toy was ticklish on his tummy, and when stimulated with little hands or big ones, he laughed and wiggled. This was enough to delight 2-year-olds and many adults in the room who could identify with being ticklish and with laughing uncontrollably.

More Elmo

Beginning in 2006, Tickle Me Elmo Extreme appeared on store shelves and on websites, only to disappear sometimes in minutes because of the advertising campaign run by Fisher Price. It promised consumers secret tricks in the form of rhyming clues that hint at movement combinations to trigger special responses. The responses involve new sounds in addition to laughter and much more movement of the toy. There are now three areas to tickle on each Elmo: toes, tummy and chin.

Rhyming Clues

Clue #1: Lift Elmo's arm and tickle his stomach at the same time. He'll talk and sing a funny song. Clue #2: Raise Elmo's right arm, make him sit, place his arm on his foot, tickle his feet and he'll hiccup and laugh. Clue #3: Ask Elmo "How big?" He'll turn over on face down, but tickle his feet again to wake him up.

More Secrets

Clue #4: Let Elmo lay down on his back. Tickle his chin, he'll do leg lifts and finally touch his toes. #5: Make Elmo stand, lift up his arm, bend him over his toes and tickle his foot. He'll ask a question. #6 Turn Elmo off, raise an arm, make him sit then lay down again. Make him do another sit up and lay down again with arms on the floor. Stand him up and tickle his belly for his final trick.


It is possible that some of the many versions of TMX Elmo produced since 2006 may vary somewhat in the sequences of movements. Consult the rhyming clue cards that accompany the toy for further explanations or consult internet sources for more suggestions.

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