Things to write in baby shower cards

Baby showers are held to honour and celebrate the arrival of a child. Cards received at baby showers are often kept for many years, so it's important to write something that holds significant meaning and best conveys your wishes.

Personalising the Card

What you write in a baby shower card should be from the heart and reflect the recipients' circumstances. They may be having their first child, adding another child to the family or adopting; it's worth noting the unique path that took them where they are today. Write something about their journey, or memories you've shared with them along the way. Express how much you're looking forward to creating new memories once the child arrives, and your anticipation of being part of that child's life.

Motherhood and the Start of a New Life

Given that baby showers mark the beginning of a new life and passage, it's worth writing a couple of lines about what the future might hold. Talk about the joys of parenting, what a great parent the mother will be and, most importantly, to cherish each moment because time flies. Along those lines, impart your blessing, happiness, enthusiasm and faith for the new beginning. You can also write something that speaks to the confidence you have in the parents and how you're more than happy to lend support in any way.

Baby Shower Poems, Quotes and Sayings

Along with writing your own message in the card, you may want to include a special poem or saying that expresses the occasion 3. A variety of websites (see Resources) are devoted to verses of this nature. Incorporating a poem or quote about parenting, birth, motherhood and like topics adds a distinct touch and is a great way to wrap up everything you wrote in the card. Many of these sites divide their material into categories by author, occasion and type of work (poem, quotation and essay). If the recipient has a favourite author or enjoys poems that rhyme, you can search for the ones that she'll appreciate the most 3.