How to Tell the Sex of a Baby from an Ultrasound Picture

Tell the Sex of a Baby from an Ultrasound Picture

So you've gotten an ultrasound picture and you want to see if you are having a boy or a girl. Here is how to tell the baby's sex from the ultrasound picture.

Scan the ultrasound picture completely. You need to have a picture with a clear shot between the baby's legs. You obviously cannot tell the sex of a baby from a picture of the baby's head. Scan the photo for the area between the legs.

Look to see what sort of shape is between the legs. If you see something that resembles a hot dog or a turtle in a shell, then it is mostly likely a boy. The "hot dog" is the *, and the turtle shell is the scrotum of the baby boy. The turtle head and neck would be the baby's *.

Look to see if you find something that resembles a hamburger, or three distinct lines. Three lines or something that looks like a hamburger in an ultrasound photo of a baby most likely means a girl.


Don't try to tell the sex of the baby before the 20th week of pregnancy. Just because you think you see a or vagina in the ultrasound picture does not mean that you were correct. Don't bet on your determination in order to pick out nursery colors or to announce the baby's sex.