Ways to Describe a Cute Baby Boy

Whether your little angel is more adorable than even you can express or your friend, neighbor or sister has the sweetest little guy that you've ever seen, there are an array of ways for you to describe a cute baby boy. From talking about his super smile to commenting on the way his hairstyle makes him look like a mini-man, try using your most creative prose for categorizing your favorite baby boy's cuteness.

Synonyms for Cute

Before going overboard adding the word "cute" to every description of your baby boy, create a list of synonyms that will add color to your characterizations. According to Merriam-Webster's website, synonyms for cute -- meaning pleasing to the eyes -- include adjectives such as:

  • fetching
  • fair
  • attractive
  • knockout
  • lovely
  • seemly
  • taking
  • well-favored
  • goodly 1

Related words -- that are near cute, but not listed officially as synonyms -- include

  • resplendent
  • dollish
  • snazzy
  • zingy
  • superb
  • delicate

Pick the synonym that you want to use based on the baby boy's specific looks. For example, if the infant looks more like the Gerber baby than a kind-of cute kid, you may want to call him a knockout.


If the cute baby boy is an ace in the looks department, describe the specific aspects of his appearance that make you smile. For example, if he has an awesomely adorable dimple on his cheek, talk that feature up. Note what makes his appearance cute and how he differs from other babies. If he has a full head of hair, describe how sweet his perfectly round curls make him look or, if he is still bald, you can talk about his shapely head.


A baby's looks aren't the only thing that can make him cute. Before you rush to describe his big, blue eyes or button nose, add a line or two about his bubbly personality. Although your infant, or any other baby that you are describing, may not have the ability yet, he can still show off his super-sweet temperament. Comment on how cute it is when he looks bashfully at his older sister or how adorable it is when he widens his eyes in surprise as you sing or speak to him.


Comparing a cute baby boy to another equally as sweet item, animal or object can add another layer to your descriptions. Pick a comparison that matches the baby's most adorable aspects and makes sense in terms of characterizing an infant. For example, you may say that your friend's baby is as cute as a bunny or try the old standard -- as cute as a button. you can also note that his looks match up with a super-cute celebrity and say, "Isn't he just a mini Brad Pitt" or, "Look at that little Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike."

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