How Much Milk Should a 16 Pound Baby Drink?

Milk in Ratio to Weight

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that a baby will drink about two and a half ounces of formula or breast milk per pound that he weighs, up to 32 ounces, over the course of one day. This rule applies for babies who are not eating solids yet. A 16 pound baby who doesn't eat solids would drink about 32 ounces a day.

Adding Solids Decreases Milk Intake

Most babies who weigh 16 pounds have begun eating solids. Babies who have begun solids will still drink about five bottles a day, with five or six ounces each. Along with drinking milk, they will have baby cereal and pureed foods 3.

Bottom Line

The best way to tell that your baby is getting enough milk is to watch your baby for cues 2. If your infant appears happy, satisfied and relaxed after a feeding, he is probably getting the right amount to drink. If your infant produces five to six wet diapers a day this is a good sign he is eating enough. Lastly if your infant is gaining weight, chances are his nutritional needs are being met.

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