How to Tell the Gender of a Baby by the Belly Shape

Some people believe a rounded belly means a girl is on the way.

As soon as the second line materializes on a home pregnancy test, parents start wondering one thing: Am I having a boy or a girl? Unfortunately, the wait from a positive pregnancy test until a baby has developed enough for an ultrasound to reveal the gender can be a very long one. In the mean time, many old wives' tales claim that curious parents can guess their baby's gender by paying attention to food cravings, the baby's heart rate -- or even the shape of Mom's belly.

Look at how high a woman carries her baby. If she is carrying high, it indicates a girl, but if she is carrying low, that suggests a boy.

Check out the size of a pregnant woman's belly. A larger belly means she's having a girl. A smaller, less noticeable belly indicates a boy.

Examine the shape of a pregnant woman's bump. A round, basketball-shaped bump with extra weight around a woman's hips and bottoms suggests she's carrying a girl. A narrow bump that sticks straight out means she's having a boy.


Don't put too much faith in old wives' tale. Belly shape during pregnancy has more to do with a woman's stomach muscles and a baby's position than gender. A woman pregnant for the first time may carry high because she has strong stomach muscles, while another woman may carry lower because her baby has dropped in preparation for delivery. A wide belly may mean a baby is lying sideways, and a bump that sticks straight out may just indicate a woman has a short torso and straight out is the only place the baby can go.