Sites to Find Children Given Up for Adoption

Locating a child that you put up for adoption may be a daunting task.

Attempting to locate a child that you placed for adoption can be a frustrating and long process. There are websites that are dedicated to helping you locate your kin that may make your search easier. Many of these sites offer services for free and have forums and blogs that can help motivate you on your journey. By joining one of these communities, you may locate your biological child and make friends in the process. is a website that can assist you with any angle of the adoption process. If you are hoping to find an individual that you put up for adoption, it would be wise to visit the forum on this website. You will be able to communicate with others who are going through a similar experience and possibly gain some helpful hints on how to locate a loved one. There are also options to set up your own profile along with an entire section dedicated to helping the reunion process. is another website that deals with all aspects of adoption. This site also includes a special section that is dedicated to kids looking for their birth parents. The site also includes a forum that is dedicated to speeding up the reunion process through a network of people who are going through the same experience.

International Soundex Reunion Registry

This non-profit humanitarian organization is dedicated to helping you get in touch with your birth child. This is a mutual consent registry, so both parties must be made aware of the attempt before you are allowed to come in contact with your child. The ISRR is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but works worldwide at helping people reunite.

ISRR P.O. Box 371179 Las Vegas, NV 89137 775-882-7755

Social Networks

The professionals at recommend creating a profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. These sites are all free to join and have millions of users. There is a very good chance that your loved one may have an account with one or more of these sites. These sites are only helpful however if you have a location or name as it can be a grueling search by chance otherwise because of the large population of users.