How to Find Out If My Raggedy Ann Doll Is Worth Money?

The character of Raggedy Ann came from a childrens book, written and illustrated by cartoonist John Gruelle. Gruelle based the story on a doll that his grandmother made for his mother. While Gruelle took out a patent on the design of the first Raggedy Ann doll in 1915, it wasn't until three years later, in 1918 when the first Raggedy Ann book was published that the dolls were designed and sold to accompany the stories.

Determine the exact age of your Raggedy Ann doll. Any Raggedy Ann doll from 1918 up until 1960 may be considered an antique. While there are no tags or labels to tell you what year your doll was made, there are other ways to determine a Raggedy Ann doll's value. One way to value your doll is to scour online sites or doll collector books for clues.

Examine the condition of your doll. Dolls that are in good condition, with no rips, tears or stains are worth more. Dolls that have all of their original clothes and accessories are also worth more than dolls with missing parts.

Determine what the current market for your doll is. Go online to auction websites, or search for Raggedy Ann doll sales to see what collectors are willing to pay for dolls that are similar to yours. Pay close attention to the year and style of your doll.

Go to a doll auction an antiques appraiser. If your doll was created before 1960, it may be considered antique. Find listings of antiques appraisers in your area through local newspapers or the yellow pages.

Go to the library and research Raggedy Ann and Andy books 12. Several books on Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls have price lists, such as "The Raggedy Ann and Andy Family Album" by Susan Ann Garrison 1. These lists can give you details and clues as to what your doll might be worth.

Go to a Raggedy Ann and Andy show or festival 12. Compare your doll to other dolls and prices from antique dealers.


Price guides are only suggestions as to value. They are not accurate beyond the date that they are published, as prices and values of dolls fluctuate daily.


Do not attempt to clean dolls or doll clothes older than 50 years. Older fabrics are more fragile and could fall apart under today’s newer cleaning solutions.

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