Silver Cross 3D Pram Instructions

With a history going back to 1877, Silver Cross is one of the oldest manufacturers of prams, or prams as they are known in the United Kingdom. Silver Cross is still a popular brand in the U.K. today and has since expanded to include car seats, high chairs, rockers, toys and accessories. The Silver Cross 3D is a more contemporary style of travel system that converts from an upright pushchair to a more classic pram.

Lock the wheels of the pram by pressing the foot locks located on the back wheels.

Return the seat to a fully upright position.

Pull up on the finger catches on each handle until you hear a click, then push down on the handle to unfasten the front locks.

Move the red rotation lever upright, then lift it upward while pushing on the handles.

Push downward as the pram folds, and you will hear a click as it locks together.

Pull up on each of the finger catches on the handles while lifting from the main handles until the pram begins to unfold.

Push the centre lock with your foot to lock the frame into an open position.

Push up on the handles to enable the secondary lock. Test that the lock has engaged by pressing down on the side tubes of the frame.

Press the buttons on the sides of the leg supports and raise them to the top position so that they are touching the bumper bar.

Recline the seat to a fully horizontal position.

Undo the zipper to remove the head support, then flip it upside down and lay it on the buckle in what was the seat of the pushchair. This will be easier if you fully extend the shoulder harness.

Fit the liner onto the seat with the toe end facing the handles.

Pull the elasticated edges of the liner around the handle side of the seat, then pull the other end of the liner above the bumper bar and down under the leg support portion of the pram. Secure the liner under the pram using the hook and loop tabs.

Place the bonnet onto the pram with the opening facing the handles. Click the bonnet catches into place then lock them by lowering them. Pull the bonnet skirt down under the leg support.

Fit the apron cover over the bumper bar and leg support and secure the clips onto the attachment points on the inside of the bonnet.


If you use the wheel lock located on the front wheels to disable the swivel function, the stroller can stand up on its end when folded. The Silver Cross 3D can also work as a travel system with the Ventura Plus car seat.


Always make sure the frame is locked into an open position before using the pram.