How to Remove the Cover From a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat

The Cosco Alpha Omega Elite is a 3-in-1 convertible car seat suitable for children weighing from five to 100 pounds. This car seat can function as a rear-facing seat for infants, a forward-facing five-point harness seat for toddlers and a seat belt-positioned booster seater for bigger kids. The cover of the Alpha Omega Elite is removable and machine washable -- handy features for parents of young children.

Remove the base of the car seat. Push the seat into the fully reclined position and push down on the tab on the right side of the seat while pushing the bar on the other side. Pull the recline lever to pull the car seat off its base.

Remove the harness. Unfasten the harness straps from the plate in the back of the car seat and pull the straps out from the front of the seat. Turn the seat upside down and locate the metal plate attached to the car seat buckle. Insert the plate up through the car seat and cover, and pull the buckle from the front of the seat to release it.

Release all of the elastic straps along the bottom and sides of the seat.

Move the back rest to the lowest position.

Remove the lower harness guides located in the bottom of the seat.

Pull the cover off the car seat, easing it from under the buckle covers and pulling off the armrest covers as you go.

Press on the lips of the upper-harness guides at the back of the car seat with a screwdriver to pop the guides through to the front of the seat.

Pull the cover up and off the car seat.


Check the expiration date on your Cosco Alpha Omega Elite car seat before using it.

Some Cosco Alpha Omega Elite car seats were recalled in 2007. Check the date of manufacture on your seat to make sure it was not included in the recall. See the first link in this article's Resources section for more information.

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