Signs of the Sex of a Baby

There are a variety of ways to guess the gender of your baby 1. Of course, the only accurate method is having a qualified technician give you an ultrasound. However, it is always interesting to try and predict the gender of your unborn baby using old wives’ tales and other common superstitions associated with gender prediction. All of these signs have at least a 50-50 chance of proving the real gender of your baby.

Early Pregnancy

According to pop culture, there are several ways to determine the sex of the baby before it is born -- even in early pregnancy. One sign that is generally cited is the degree to which the mother experiences morning sickness. The typical assumption is that if you have more morning sickness, you will have a girl. Of course, some sources say the opposite is true. Frequent headaches mean the baby is male, while moodiness means it is female. If your face breaks out, it's a girl, and if your hair grows faster and your skin is dry, it's a boy.

Old Wives’ Tales

Most gender predictions are old wives’ tales, but some are stranger than others. One tale says that if you tie a string to your wedding ring and hold it in front of your belly, it will move in circles if the baby is a boy but swing back and forth if it is a girl. One tale says that if the baby’s heartbeat is consistently over 140 beats per minutes, it is a girl. A lower heart rate indicates a boy baby. Mothers expecting boys are said to crave cheese and protein, and those carrying girls are said to crave sweets and fruit. Women pregnant with girls carry high and out and those pregnant with boys carry round and low.

Chinese Theory

The Chinese have an ancient gender predictor based on the mother’s age at conception and the lunar calendar. Some people swear by the accuracy of the calendar, but of course it’s only a guess like any other. There are several sites online where you can enter your age at conception and the conception month to determine what gender your baby will be. The real chart uses an algorithm that is somewhat tricky.


There are several sites online that have created gender quizzes based on a combination of all of the old wives’ tales and other assumptions about pregnancy and gender. You can take these quizzes while in the last half of your pregnancy to determine how accurate the tales are at predicting gender. Of course, in most cases, you will already know the gender by the time you can answer the quiz questions correctly, but they are still fun to take.