How to Modify Power Wheels Tires

The Mattel corporation has created a line of toys named Power Wheels since 1989. Now sold under the Fisher-Price brand, Power Wheels are a type of motorized toy vehicle for children ages six to 10. Power Wheels are modeled after cars and are driven similarly to one, although they have a high speed of 5 mph. Power Wheels enthusiasts all across the country enjoy making Power Wheels "mods," or Power Wheels vehicles that have been modified. One of these modifications is to upgrade the wheels of the Power Wheels to larger rubber tires.

Lay the two cinder blocks in the work area 3 feet apart on their flattest side. Lift the Power Wheels onto the blocks lengthwise, with one block under the front chassis and one in back between the wheel wells, so that the vehicle is suspended.

Use the ratchet set to loosen the restraining bolt on the wheels. Lift each wheel off one by one, and set aside.

Take the crowbar or prying wrench, and separate one of the Power Wheels tires from the wheel base. Put the edge of the prying tool in between the rubber lip and wheel at the middle of the base, and gently pry it off. Repeat for all of the tires/wheels of the vehicle.

Discard the old rubber tires.

Plug in the electric welder. Set the old wheel base with the exterior side facing away from the Power Wheels and resting in the middle of the body of the new larger wheels. Place the edge of the welder at the point of connection where the lip of the old wheel base meets the body of the new wheel base. Start the welder. Weld all around the two wheels. Repeat for each wheel.

Place the new conjoined wheel onto the Power Wheels (interior side facing the Power Wheels). Tighten the restraining bolt on each wheel, and then lift the Power Wheels onto the ground onto its new wheels.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 cinder blocks
  • Ratchet set
  • Electric welder
  • Crowbar or prying wrench
  • 10- to 12-inch lawnmower or similar rubber wheels


Any modification to a Power Wheels voids the manufacturer warranty.


Make sure the Power Wheels is off before performing any type of modification. Always wear safety eyewear/masks and gloves when welding.