How to Build a 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle

Tricycles are no longer just for kids; now adults can enjoy pedaling around on the three-wheeled cycles. Adult tricycles are perfect for teens, adults and elderly people who have problems balancing on bicycles. The third wheel allows riders to enjoy outdoor activities with more stability than a bicycle. Most adult tricycles include three wheels, a seat, a metal body and a steering mechanism. Building your own adult tricycle is simple and can be accomplished in about one weekend.


Secure the wheel which has attached pedals to the bicycle body 1. Attach the head tube to the front of the body and the top of the wheel.

Slip the headset lock ring on the front wheel tube so it sticks out from the tricycle head tube. Use your hand to twist the lock ring clockwise until it is secure.

Put the stem clamp on the headset lock ring 1. Let the stem clamp face the front of the tricycle and insert the handlebar into the steering tube.

Place one adjustable wrench on one side of the stem clamp and tighten it. Then attach the other adjustable wrench to the other side. Place the handle bars so they are perpendicular to the front wheel. Tighten the stem clamp and handle bar by turning the adjustable wrenches in opposite directions. Continue to tighten until the stem clamp is secure.

Guide the axle through the tube on the rear of the tricycle to add support. Slide one wheel on the right side of the axle then put a washer and nut on the axle to secure the wheel. Repeat on the left side.

Attach the seat to the frame until the seat is at a comfortable position.


Consider painting your tricycle or adding a basket to the back.

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