Where to Find the Model Number on a Medela Pump

Medela includes a serial number on most, though not all, breast pumps it manufactures 134. The number identifies the specific pump within a model series 4. Medela uses this number for registration, warranty, repair, parts replacement and recall purposes 1.


Medela is a family-owned business founded in Zug, Switzerland in 1961 by Olle Larsson 1. As of 2011, Medela distributes its breastfeeding and related products such as:

  • pumps
  • feeders
  • cleaning supplies
  • care items
  • apparel
  • diagnostic equipment
  • phototherapy units
  • accessories to more than 90 countries 1

Breast Pump Types

Medela manufactures lightweight daily-use and hospital-grade pumps 1. Breast pump types include basic and advanced direct line electric and battery-operated single and double pump models in different sizes.

Serial Number Locations

Medela breast pumps that have a serial number typically have it somewhere on the motor unit — the unit housing, top back of the unit cover if applicable or in the battery compartment 134. The serial number may appear as an embossed area on the unit or cover surface, or printed on a label 3.

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