Is Hydroxycut Safe While Breastfeeding?

Weight loss supplements are an attractive way to speed up the return to your pre-pregnancy figure. Before rushing to the drug store for diet pills, however, note that most of these products are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


The effects of Hydroxycut on babies have not been scientifically studied, so it is not known if the product passes through breast milk. Therefore Hydroxycut is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers 1.


Hydroxycut contains caffeine, which causes sleeplessness and fussiness in infants and is easily passed through breast milk.


In May 2009, Hydroxycut was voluntarily recalled from the market because of reports of liver damage related to the product. The Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to stop using the products. Because of this, it is especially important for pregnant women to avoid this product.


Although it does help people lose weight, Hydroxycut has numerous side effects. These include increased heart rate and other cardiovascular issues, seizures and Rhabdomyolysis. Any product that puts a mother at risk should not be consumed while breastfeeding.


A healthy diet and exercise are the best form of weight loss, especially for a breastfeeding mother 1. A nutritious and balanced diet is best for mother and baby.

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