How to use dr. brown's microwave sterilizer

The Dr. Brown's baby bottle system has a design patented in 1997, providing a special vent system inside the bottle that minimises air and simulates breastfeeding. According to the Handi-Craft Company, using Dr. Brown's bottles can help reduce gas and colic discomfort in many babies. Because using baby bottles requires sterilisation, you can also use a microwave sterilisation device to sterilise Dr. Brown's bottles quickly and easily in the microwave.

Wash the sterilizer, the tray, the lid and the tongs with dishwashing detergent. Wash the bottles and all parts using a bottle brush and dishwashing detergent.

Place up to four bottles upside-down on the sterilizer rack. Place bottle parts such as nipples, reservoir tube and vents in the slots on the rack under the bottle rack.

Measure and pour 177ml. of cool water into the bottom tray of the sterilizer.

Cover the sterilizer and place it into the microwave. Set the cooking time: 800 watts to 1,100 watts requires five minutes and 500 watts to 800 watts requires eight minutes.

Allow the sterilizer to sit undisturbed for three minutes inside the microwave after the sterilising time elapses.

Remove the sterilizer from the microwave after the cooling time elapses and take the lid off. The bottles and bottle parts inside are sterile and ready to use.

Remove the bottles and parts with the tongs provided with the sterilizer -- the bottles will be hot. Leave the bottles and parts on the uncovered sterilizer tray to dry, if you prefer.


Determine your microwave wattage before using the sterilizer because the sanitising time depends on wattage. The Dr. Brown's microwave sterilizer will sterilise Dr. Brown's bottles or other bottles.

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