Housing Grants for Disabled Single Mothers

Disabled single mothers have plenty of options to receive housing grants and assistance from a variety of public and private sources. Though no specific programs are targeted for disabled single mothers, there are several grant programs for disabled people and others for low-income families that cover the gaps. These programs are designed to help provide quality, safe, affordable housing for people in need.

HUD Housing Choice Vouchers

The Housing Choice voucher program is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD, program designed to help people find private housing 12. According to the HUD website, very low-income families, the elderly and disabled people are eligible. The voucher funds are given to people by the local Public Housing Agencies. All properties are eligible as long as the property meets housing agency standards and the owner agrees to rent to people participating in the voucher program.

Family Unification Program

The Family Unification Program is a U.S. Housing and Urban Development program that assists families in paying rent 1. According to the HUD website, the program is designed for families whose lack of housing is the cause or could be the cause of the family separating. A local housing authority must verify that the family lacks suitable housing or is about to be evicted. According to the HUD website, eligible families can receive up to 30 percent of adjusted income or 10 percent of gross income.

USDA Rural Development

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Single Family Housing Program provides ownership opportunities via loans and grants to low income rural Americans 12. The program is run through hundreds of rural development offices across the country. According to the USDA website, the program includes four loan and five grant programs available for low income families to build and upgrade homes.

Mercy Housing

Mercy Housing is a non-profit organization operating in several states that helps low income families, the disabled and senior citizens find affordable housing. There are dozens of Mercy Housing communities across the country and the program provides rental homes and apartments at affordable rates. You must apply and be accepted into the program based on income, age or disability. In addition to housing the program also offers health programs, youth programs and financial planning help.

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