Maxi Cosi car seat instructions

Maxi-Cosi produces an infant car seat which comes with a base that makes it easier to move the seat into and out of the car without having to reinstall it before every trip. The car seat is designed to be lightweight. It features an ergonomic handle to make holding the seat easier, a five-point harness system to keep the baby secure, has side-impact technology and is supposed to provide comfort with a plush interior.

Pull the base release lever on the rear of the car seat base while simultaneously rotating the seat forward to detach the car seat from the base.

Place the car seat base onto the back seat of the vehicle. Make sure the latch, or holes that will hold the seat belt are facing the rear of the car.

Pull the seat belt through the latch holes on the sides of the base. The seat belt should be threaded inside the nearest latch hole, pulled through to the other side. The belt should be inserted into the seat buckle in the seat.

Push the base of the seat down with one hand, use the other hand to pull the seat belt and adjust it so there is no slack.

Attach the locking clip about 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the vehicle belt's buckle plate. The locking clip is a completely separate piece that comes with the car seat, and holds both the ends of the harness and lap portions of the seat belt together. Place both portions of the belts into both sides of the locking clip. You don't need the locking clip if using a single lap belt.

Pull the "base release" handle all the way out and slide the car seat back on the base. The label will say, "The carrier can now be attached to the base" in green text when the handle is pulled all the way out.

Place the child in the car seat. Place the harness straps over each shoulder and insert the buckle plate on each harness into the car seat buckle. Pull the harness over the baby, and snap the harness retainer together. With the child securely in the seat, you can now insert the seat into the base.

Align the two bars on base of the seat with the two hooks on the base as you place the car seat on top of the base. Once aligned, pushed the car seat onto the base and lock into place. You will hear the seat and base click into place when they are securely locked. Try to pull the seat up to ensure that it is secure.