How to Make a reborn baby doll easily

My Latest Reborn Baby Doll

You can purchase any doll from any resale shop and reborn this doll into looking like that of a newborn baby doll. You will learn how I have started a hobby I love and how I am able to make money at home doing something I love

1 Purchase a doll from a resale shop, make sure the doll is in good condition with no marker marks or cuts on the body. Remove store clothe, bathe the doll in a gentle dish soap. If your doll has painted hair you can choose to leave it or remove it with Acetone. I more often keep the painted hair and root hair in the matching color, this helps fill in any missing hair spots. After washing the doll completely, remove the limbs, and head. If you choose to save the body, you can cut the sides of the body and save for a belly plate for your reborn baby doll.

2 I have purchased Genesis heat set paints, they last forever, you only need a small drop mixed with no fume paint thinner. I start with a natural skin tone color and put a little drop of the mixture above on a paint brush. I dab this onto an earth sponge. I then blot the skin of the doll all over. After each paint application I place the doll parts on a cookie sheet lined with a bath towel and place in an oven at 265 degrees for 8 minutes This heat sets the paint. When the dolls cools I will continue to the next step. I then will take a vein color paint (vein blue) and with a tooth pick make slight veins in real to life places. Back to skin color I will mix a blush with skin tone color and blot again all over, I will continue this process over and over, adding color, deleting some colors until the skin looks natural. I will add deeper blush colors to the bottom of the feet and the hands, I also will touch up the cheeks of the doll. I will paint the finger tips white, add a light pink color to the lips. Remember to place the doll in the oven to heat set the paint for 8 minutes.

When the painting is done, I will glue in new eyes if I don't like the ones that originally came with the doll. I will always glue on fake eyelashes. I then take a body slip purchased from any doll making company and fill it with glass sand crystals, again purchased from any doll making coming. I will fill the body, hands legs and head. I place the crystals in a nylon and tie off and place in the tummy and limbs. I will fill the rest of the body with cotton stuffing purchased at any hobby shop. I will attach the body pieces onto the body slip using the plastic straps that usually come with the body slip.

Lastly I root the hair, by warming the head again in the oven for a few minutes, it becomes soft and inserting the needle into the head is easy, all your are doing is putting the needle on a strand of hair and push in. Sometime you will pick up more then one strand, and you can easily pull out the extra strands so you hair does not look bunched with large punch holes, it takes patients but you will eventually get the hang of it. After your hair is the amount you want trim, and use water proof glue on the inside of the head to secure the hair to the doll. Dress him or her and you will be amazed in the change from the doll you purchased to the reborn doll you now have.


You can add a magnet to the inside of the head placing it right onto the mouth. Glue this in when you are gluing the hair. Then glue the opposite magnet to a pacifier, and your baby will appear to be sucking the pacifier on their own.


These dolls are no longer toys, they are collectable and should be handled as such.