How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell From Dolls

You find the perfect set of dolls at a flea market—the price is right and the dolls come with clothing and accessories. The only problem is the dolls and accessories smell like cigarette smoke 12. You can't give the dolls to your child smelling like this. But by using a small amount of vinegar, you can have the dolls ready for playtime in a few minutes.

Mix two batches of the following solution: 1/8 cup of vinegar into a ½ gallon of water. Stir slightly.

Remove the clothing from the dolls and place it in the vinegar/water solution for about 10 minutes. Next, place clothing in a clothes net (used for washing delicate items in your washer.) Drop the net in the washer, and use a quick wash cycle with little water. Do not add soap or bleach.

Once the cycle is complete, check for any odors. If an odor is present, repeat this step.

If no odor is present, let the clothing air dry 2.

Place the dolls in a plastic container or other plastic pan, and pour the vinegar/water solution over them. Let stand for at least 10 minutes. Agitate the water before removing the dolls. Next, rinse the dolls in cold water. Run the water through any hair present on the doll's heads. Then let the dolls air dry on a rag or towel.


If a cigar smoke smell is present, soak the dolls and clothing for an additional 10 minutes.


Do not use bleach.

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