How to Dye Barbie Hair

If you want to give Barbie a makeover, there are numerous methods to dye her hair vibrant and funky colors. But the technique that works the best is food coloring. Adults or children under adult supervision should be the only ones dying Barbie's hair as the methods can stain hands and could get messy.

Fill the disposable cup with hot water.

Pour the food coloring into the hot water until you get the desired color you want for her hair. Putting more drops in gives the color a deeper hue.

Dip Barbie's hair in the water (be careful not to dip her head in) and hold for 30 seconds in order to give the hair a good coat.

Rinse her hair under the faucet to wash out any excess food coloring.

After rinsing, set the Barbie down to dry on paper towels for 30 minutes.


Light-haired Barbies worked better than dark haired.

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