How to Dye Doll Hair

Are you sick of your doll's dull and boring hair? Dying doll hair is a good way to achieve a custom look, and transform blah into brilliant!

Choose a color. For brighter shades, choose acrylic paints that are rich and deep. It's important to use professional quality acrylic paint for the best results.

In your dixie cup or small dish of similar size, squirt an amount of paint that is the size of a dime. Fill the cup or dish a little over half full with water, and mix the paint and water together until the mixture is the consistency of ink.

Lay the doll on the newspaper or rags, hair free of tangles and fanned out. Dip your comb into the paint and water mixture, and gently comb through the doll's hair. Keep combing the color through until all hair has been covered with the paint and water, and touch up roots if needed with an artist's paint brush dipped into the paint mixture.

Dry the doll's hair upside down to avoid coloring any part of the doll's face or skin and let the hair dry for three to four days.

Brush, style and wash the doll's hair as needed after it is completely dry.


Be sure to brush the doll's hair twice daily while it is still wet to avoid stiffening of the hair.

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