How to Make a Fake Phone

Your child has suddenly demanded a cell phone, but you don’t want to take that step yet—whether out of fear of the impending phone bill or because of his or her age. A compromise, making a fake phone, may divert your child's attention away from owning a real one and provide an afternoon craft activity that you can do together which will result in a customized, one-of-kind phone for your child to proudly display and “use.” 1

Compact Cell Phone

Buy a metal compact, folding mirror roughly the size of a folding cell phone. If you own a folding cell phone, try finding a compact that matches your phone in size and shape. You can also use a plastic compact, but the metal will give the "phone" a more realistic exterior.

Glue fake gemstones or rhinestones to the exterior. You can use your own patterns or match existing cell phone accessory styles or “tattoos.”

Cut paper to fit the inside surface of the compact.

Draw a cell phone keypad and screen and tape each to the mirrored surfaces.

Tie a charm to a piece of string and glue the charm to the phone to make a cell phone charm.


Accessories such as small charms, gemstones and string pose a choking hazard to young children. If your child is very young, use paint instead of these accessories to decorate the compact.