How to Make Your Barbie's Hair Curly

In 1959, Mattel captivated little girls with a beautiful blue-eyed blond doll named Barbie. Over the years, this versatile doll has changed just about every aspect of her appearance, including her skin color, outfits, shoes, accessories and especially hairstyles. Many young girls still enjoy playing with and collecting this plastic doll. Once your daughter takes her out of the package, Barbie’s curls may become loose, giving her an unkempt appearance. If you want to curl her hair, don't use a curling iron -- her synthetic hair will melt.

Rinse Barbie’s hair with warm water over a sink 1. With your fingertips, gently remove any dirt. Squirt a drop of baby shampoo on your palm. Rub your palms together to create a soapy lather.

Work the shampoo into Barbie's hair, moving your hands toward the ends of the hair as you wash to avoid creating tangles.

Rinse the hair under warm water until the hair feels clean and soap-free. Wash a second time if the hair is very dirty.

Apply a drop of mild conditioner to Barbie's hair. Work the conditioner into her hair, working from the ends of her hair to her scalp. Use a rat-tail comb to remove any matted tangles gently and slowly. Rinse the hair.

Remove excess water using a hand towel. To curl it, Barbie’s hair must be wet but not dripping.

Cut a plastic straw into four pieces, each about 3/4 inch long, using scissors. These straw pieces will be the hair rollers. Cut more straws if your Barbie has very long hair.

Start with a section of Barbie’s wet hair in the back of her head 1. Roll up the section using the straw as you would a hair roller. Secure the roller in place with a bobby pin once you reach the scalp. Roll small sections of hair if you want tight curls or larger sections to create large, loose curls. Roll the rest of her hair using the same method.

Boil a small pot of water. Dip Barbie’s curled hair into the hot water to set the curl. Alternatively, hold her by the legs in a horizontal position and pour hot water over her head.

Pour ice-cold water immediately over her head to cool her hair. Gently pat hair dry with a clean towel 2. Set Barbie aside in an upright position for at least 12 hours to ensure that the hair is dry 1.

Remove the bobby pins and the straw rollers carefully so you don't frizz Barbie’s hair. Use your fingers to separate the curls so they fluff up and become voluminous. Never use a hairbrush, because you will end up with frizzy curls.


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