How to Make a Barbie That Looks Like You

Other than some of Barbie’s friends, most of the dolls in the Barbie line look almost identical. Instead of relying on different clothes to make Barbie look different, there are many customization options you can try in order to change Barbie’s appearance and make her look like a specific person. You can design a clone of yourself or a child in your life that is a huge fan of Barbie. The process is pretty simple and could become a tradition that is done to several Barbie dolls.

Plan out what you want to change on the Barbie. Make a list of things that will be different. This includes facial features, hair, tattoos and clothing.

Cut the doll’s hair to match your length. Be careful while cutting, because it will be hard to add hair again, but you can always trim a little extra later.

Water down colored paint that matches your hair color. Soak the doll’s head in the paint for five minutes to apply the new color. If your hair is a lighter shade, only soak the hair for two minutes and then brush out the hair immediately afterward.

Create curly hair for a Barbie by boiling 2 cups of water in a small pan. Roll Barbie’s hair up in three or four small paper clips. Once the water is boiling, dip the hair in for 30 seconds. Remove the Barbie from the boiling water, let the hair dry and remove the paper clips to reveal the perm.

Use small colored rubber bands to add any of your trademark hairstyles like ponytails or pigtails. Cut a bobby pin in half to create a small hair clip for the Barbie.

Undress the Barbie and use small-tipped permanent markers to add any of your personal body marks. This includes significant moles, birthmarks, scars or tattoos. Practice drawing the tattoo on a separate piece of paper before applying it to the Barbie.

Create clothes for your Barbie. Use old sheets, official Barbie clothes, fabric scraps and other craft tools to create an outfit. Use scissors to cut out the design and a small piece of tape to attach the clothes together.

Visit yard sales or auction websites to find collections of Barbie accessories to complete your creation. These accessories may include purses, shoes, hats, sunglasses and other things that are a part of your everyday life. Keep the extra accessories you may purchase to customize Barbies in the future 2.