How to Color Barbie Doll Hair With Food Coloring

Barbie dolls come in a variety of styles today. Choices include blonde hair, brown hair and even pink hair. Instead of having the same Barbies as everyone else, you can use food coloring to make your doll unique. With food coloring, you can permanently or temporarily color your doll's hair any color. Use the back of the food coloring box to mix colors different from the four provided within the box.

Cover the Barbie's hair with Vaseline if you want to create a temporary look, rather than permanently dye the hair 1. The Vaseline will coat the hair, protecting it from the food dye. (To remove the color in the future, wash the doll's hair with dish soap to remove the Vaseline and color.)

Drop four drops of food coloring into hot water in a bowl. Mix the color using a spoon.

Dip the hair you want to dye in the water for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how bright you want the color to appear 1. The longer you leave it in, the brighter it will be.

Place the doll on a towel, allowing it to dry for at least two hours. Then rinse the hair with cold water.

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