How to Make Baby Alive Play Doll Food

If you have a daughter and she owns the Baby Alive doll, then you are already acquainted with how expensive purchasing more food for this doll is. While you probably want to do your best to keep your child happy by providing her with the doll food for her doll, chances are you aren't too enamored with the price tag. Fortunately it's not that difficult to make Baby Alive play doll food.

Put 3 tbsp. of baking soda in a bowl.

Put 2 tbsp. of water on the baking soda.

Add 2 tbsp. of the food coloring of your choice in the bowl with the other contents.

Take a spoon and mix the ingredients in your bowl very well. Feed the mixture to your Baby Alive doll with the spoon that came in her box.

Put 1 tbsp. of sorbitol in a bowl.

Slowly add water to the sorbitol using a tablespoon and stirring until you have a thin consistency. Keep track of how many tablespoons of water you added so you'll know for next time. You don't want it to be too thick or it can get stuck inside the doll.

Add two to four drops of food coloring to the sorbitol mixture. You can choose colors to simulate whatever baby food you want it to be--a light tan could be applesauce and yellow could be for bananas, for example.


Give your Baby Alive doll a sip of water every few spoonfuls of homemade doll food, and when you're done feeding her, be sure to give her lots of water. This will ensure that she does not become clogged or attract bugs.


Be careful to follow whatever instructions come with the doll for cleaning her. There have been instances where Baby Alive dolls have become infested with maggots and have started smelling horrible.

Don't feed Baby Alive real baby food of any kind, as it can clog her up then start to rot and or mold, making for a nasty mess.

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