Home Remedies for Hair Care for Babies

Babies’ scalp is extra sensitive and one reason for hair loss and hair thinning for them is fungal growth and infection on the scalp. For this reason, it is recommended not to use shampoos, conditioners or other artificial chemicals on baby’s hair, as it may harm the growth or make the hair dry. There are a number of home remedies that can be applied to baby’s hair to avoid chemical use and keep it healthy.

Onion Juice

One home remedy to disinfect the infection causing microbes on the scalp’s surface is application of onion juice. Onion juice is high in sulfur content and works effectively as a natural disinfecting agent. This juice is strong and pungent and may cause a burning sensation on the baby’s scalp. To avoid this, add a teaspoon of honey to the juice before applying it to your baby’s scalp. Honey creates a calming effect and disinfects the germs effectively.

Coconut Milk

One of the most commonly used natural remedies for healthier hair, even in adults, is coconut milk. Coconut milk is very good fora baby's scalp since it helps control hair loss. It helps in hair growth with proteins and fatty acids that provide nourishment to the scalp. For better results, you may add juice of crushed aloe vera leaves to half a cup of coconut milk and massage into the roots of baby’s hair. Avoid using shampoo and gently rinse off the milk with water.


Other than hair loss, another problem babies may face is dry hair. Mayonnaise acts as a conditioner for baby’s hair because it is rich in oil and fats. First, heat the mayonnaise in the microwave until it becomes oily. Let it cool and apply it to your baby’s scalp. Let it sit for 15 minutes then wash with mild baby shampoo. Application of mayonnaise moisturizes the baby’s hair and makes it look shinier, softer and silkier.

Fenugreek Seeds

Over the years, fenugreek seeds have been used as an herb to promote hair growth in both men and women 2. It is a natural herb and can be used to promote hair growth in babies 1. You can soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind them the next day to make a paste. Apply this paste onto your baby’s scalp and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with water and repeat the process a few times to get good results.

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